We pride ourselves in the successful execution of large energy trades, exploration ranging from the most simple to the most difficult in scope.



Our business is to conduct our operations in the oil and gas market, efficiently, responsibly and profitably, in order to pro- vide the regions in which we operate a secure supply of petroleum and other energy.

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We aspire to be a closely integrated, high performance, success driven and customer focused company. We strive to generate value for our clients through our unwavering commitment to truly understanding their goals.



Respect and confidentiality coupled with the transparency of each transaction are the building blocks on which we conduct our business.

Our company supply, as well as our other clients fuel inventory are categorized to their particular asset class we and they hold, so quick identification and direct contact can be made to fill demand from a buyer.



We trade in the following products, including but not limited to:


  • ULSD
  • Marine Gas Oil (MGO)
  • Jet A
  • Jet A-1
  • AGO (all grades)
  • EN 590
  • Other specialty Fuels
  • Aliphatic Solvents
  • Synthetic Fuels

We provide advice, technical assistance and supervision in order to guarantee safe delivery for our clients.

Their Products/Assets:

  • Alternative Energy Solutions 
  • Aviation Fuels
  • Commercial Fuels
  • Lubricants
  • Marine Fuel

We also have an extensive database of purchase procurement officers at major buyers and some of the top resellers within the secondary market we sell our and our clients fuel.


Trade Support and Logistics


Predator Renewable Energy works with Parkland Petroleum who has its own logistic capacity across North America. Our Company and professional associates also are in compliance with the requirements of the Quality Standard EN-ISO-9002, 1994, and serve the interests of our clients throughout the world.

We seek to understand all of our clients individual trades and to meet each customers exact requirements, with continuous communication and precision from time of order and sale to transportation completion. Predator Renewable Energy draws upon a unique blend of traditional logistics management and other resources that enable us to successfully accomplish logistics and warehousing objectives for both our clients and the buyers we service.

Our hands on approach protect your business interests, helping you manage your risk, and ensures the specific products match manufactured specifications and are delivered to their final destination safely.

Our Corporate Procedures

Predator Renewable Energy employs a very strict “Know Your Client” (KYC) protocol be-fore we represent a new client. This allows us to assume the legal responsibility of issuing necessary legal and enforceable documents such as: Evidence of Fuel, Evidence of Funds, Evidence of Storage, in accordance with US and International regulations for the Purchase/Sale of any fuels by way of RFQ/ICPO/Offer Sheet/Contract(s)/Company Profile(s) or Commercial Invoice.